About the Kingdom of Bhutan Embassy in Japan

Q:Where is the embassy?

A:There is no Kingdom of Bhutan embassy in Japan. The Embassy of the Kingdom of Bhutan in New Delhi, India is also in charge of Japan.

Location and contact information are as follows.
   Royal Bhutanese Embassy,
   Chandragupta Marg,
   New Delhi 110021, India
Phone : +91-11-2688 9230 / 2688 9809 / 2688 9807
Fax : +91-11-2687 6710 / 2467 4664 / 2410 2231

About the Kingdom of Bhutan Consulate in Japan

Q:Where is the consulate?

A: There are Honorary Consulate-General in Tokyo and Kagoshima respectively.

Q:Can I read or borrow materials related to Bhutan at the Honorary Consulate-General?

A:The Honorary Consulate-General does not provide information such as browsing materials related to Bhutan. Please use each website in the link page of this website.

Q:Does the Honorary Consulate-General issue visas?

A:The Honorary Consulate-General and Consulate-General do not deal with visa matters. For visa information, please refer to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bhutan in India “Visa for Visiting Bhutan” (English Site) or call tel: + 91-11-2688-9807. It is common to apply for a visa when arranging a Bhutan trip.

About Bhutan

Q:Where is the Kingdom of Bhutan located?

A:Bhutan is located on the eastern end of the Himalayas, in southwest Asia, between India to the south and China to the north.
Please take this opportunity to find out the location, size, topography, and surrounding countries of the Kingdom of Bhutan by searching for “Bhutan Kingdom” on your map and feel closer.

Q:I want to know about Bhutan. Is there any good source of information?

A:First, please refer to the Bhutan Basic Data in the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan which contains information on Bhutan.
In Japan, there are organizations with international cooperation and academic research with Bhutan. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan and the Government of the Kingdom of Bhutan provide a variety of information through their websites. The Consulate General Web site has a link collection page for easy access to each, so please use it as one of the information sources.

Q:What is a typical traditional dish in Bhutan?

A:Bhutan cuisine may not be very familiar in Japan, but one of the biggest features is “spicyness”. Chili is an essential ingredient in most Bhutan dishes.
A typical Bhutan traditional dish is called “Ema Datshi”, which uses chili (in Bhutan, “Ema”) and cheese (in Bhutan, “Datshi”) . The restaurant also offers “Momo”, which looks like dumplings, wrapped in flour skin and wrapped with beef, beef, cheese, and vegetables.
Chili peppers are sometimes eaten in Bhutan not only as spices but also as part of raw vegetables such as vegetable salads.
If you are not good at spicy foods, they may be able to offer mild spicy Bhutan food for travelers, if you ask when arranging meals.

Q:What is the staple food in Bhutan?

A:The staple food is rice. Bhutans eat rice like red rice and Japanese rice. In general, meals consist of a staple food and one or two dishes prepared with meat and vegetables. The meat is usually pork, beef or chicken, and some dishes use dried meat and dried fish.

Q:What foods can I eat in Bhutan besides Bhutan food?

A:For example, in the capital, Thimphu, there are restaurants that serve a variety of national cuisines, including Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese. There are also restaurants that offer pizza, spaghetti, ramen and hamburgers, as well as meals that are commonly eaten in Japanese homes.

Q:What is Bhutan’s currency?

A:The currency unit of Bhutan is Ngultrum.
There are 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 Ngultrum banknotes, and each banknote has a Bhutanese design, such as successive kings and buildings in Bhutan.
The auxiliary currency unit is Chetrum. In everyday life, it is rarely seen.

For those who want to visit Bhutan

Q:How do I arrange a trip?

A:In order to travel in Bhutan, as a rule, it is necessary to have a travel agent in Bhutan arrange for travel and obtain a visa in advance. There are also travel agencies in Japan that arrange for travel agents in Bhutan.

Q:How do I get to Bhutan by plane?

A:There are various routes from Japan, but there are no direct flights so far. Frequently used transit points are Bangkok in Thailand and Delhi in India.
Bhutan’s main airport is Paro International Airport, west of the capital, Thimphu. Currently, two Bhutanese airlines, “Druk Air” and “Bhutan Airlines”, operate scheduled flights connecting Paro International Airport with locations such as Bangkok and Delhi. Please contact each airline.


Q:Do I need a visa to enter Bhutan?

A:Except for passport holders * in some countries, you need to obtain a visa before entering the country. For more information, check with your travel agency when arranging a trip to Bhutan.

*For Indian passport (or VIC) holders, Bangladeshi nationals and persons from the Maldives may obtain a visa on entry.